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We have come to a point that will define the history of an entire region. At the ENERGY HUB, we are setting the course today. Not just for a climate-neutral nation but for the relocation of innovative companies. For jobs – especially in the energy industry. For new skilled labour. For green energy. Here, in our Jade-Weser region.

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Our region aims to become the centre of green energy and sustainable production processes for Germany!
9 May 23
– The ENERGY HUB event in Berlin was held under the motto „Transformation Processes as a National Responsibility“.

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On the water front

Our location?

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Situated right by the water, ours is a place of breathtaking, sweeping views, with a taste of salt in the air. A place so much in the present moment, you could almost forget about the past and the future.

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Situated right by the water, we will be in the front line if melting pole caps cause sea levels to rise. We will feel the immediate impact of climate change in this region if we don’t change the future today.

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Situated right by the water, with a port and an infrastructure that allows us to import, store and transport energy. And with a powerful ENERGY HUB that is dedicated to the energy transition.

Energy for tomorrow.

Setting things in motion takes a lot of energy: the German industry is not only one of the most powerful in the world, it’s also the country’s largest energy consumer. Around a third of total German demand goes into the industrial value chain.

Germany can’t meet the challenges of the energy transition on its own. It will take imports by ship and via pipelines to help meet energy demands. And that calls for powerful ports, a reliable infrastructure and innovative companies. That calls for the ENERGY HUB Port of Wilhelmshaven.

Powered by Wilhelmshaven.

Energy is part of our heritage: for decades, the Wilhelmshaven region has been a key hub for the energy supply. We have always been the port of call for the very things that drive Germany and its industry. First for oil and gas, and now for electricity, generated sustainably through North Sea winds. And increasingly for hydrogen, for processing, storage and transportation.

With that, we here at the ENERGY HUB are making a major contribution to the transformation of the German energy supply. And could meet up to two thirds of Germany’s H₂ demand as early as 2031.


Der Grundstein für die jüngste Veränderung wurde 2022 gelegt – mit der Errichtung des ersten deutschen LNG-Terminals. Für mehr Unabhängigkeit im Energiesektor. Und für eine grüne Zukunft. Schon bald wird hier der erste Anleger für verflüssigte Gase (AVG) an den Start gehen. Ein Signal mit bundespolitischem Ausmaß. Denn die deutsche Energiewende beginnt hier, an der Jade.

Bis dahin gibt es noch viel zu tun: Für die Ankunft schwimmender Spezialschiffe müssen komplexe Hafenanlagen installiert werden. Wir tun alles für einen effektiven und nachhaltigen Wasserstoff-Wirtschaftskreislauf – made in WHV.

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About us


Smart people, a strong industry and unique geographical conditions: the Jade-Weser region has tremendous potential to become a European hydrogen hot spot. New energy means empowerment. For the economy, the people and the entire region.

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The future is circular.

We can’t yet prevent the release of carbon dioxide during industrial processes. But we can manage it. As Germany will depend on CO2 exports for the time being, we are thinking ahead – and at the ENERGY HUB, we are looking at how we can export CO2 to our partner countries as well as how to tap regional recycling systems.

Energy Location Wilhelmshaven


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A unique deep water port

with a depth of more than 18 metres, making it a port of call for special purpose ships that transport H2, thus enabling the import of hydrogen

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Free space

to expand the infrastructure and attract energy-intensive industries – to relocate right at the source

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Green energy

such as wind power, which can be used to produce sustainable hydrogen

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Bridging the gap


Our goal is climate neutrality. Reaching that goal currently means using bridging technologies, including controversial ones, such as CCS, or liquid natural gas, LNG for short. Technologies that may not fully conform to climate targets for 2045 but that will take us in the right direction at high speed. Technologies that do their job but have a set expiry date.

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Wind power? It’s something we’ve mastered.

We are a land of winds. The routes that lead to our region from wind farms in the German Bight, in Norway and Scotland are short: we deliver energy to the places that need it – and the rest, we store.

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Solar power? Is on its way.

The sun provides the cheapest power available: solar energy. And soon, several tonnes could be landing on our coast on a regular basis. In the form of H2 derivatives: solar power from the European sun belt and Northern Africa, converted through electrolysis to make it easier to transport and utilise.

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Hydrogen. Made from water for fire.

Fields that still rely predominantly on coal, oil or natural gas today could soon encounter a true game changer: green hydrogen. It is produced by decomposing water in oxygen and hydrogen by means of electrolysis, resulting in a non-toxic, colour and odourless gas that does not release harmful substances during combustion.



When it comes to splitting, we here at the ENERGY HUB agree: electrolysis is the most efficient method of producing H2. Because it consumes less energy compared to other methods and because it’s eco-friendly.

Hydrogen and energy issues in simple terms:


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Room for new industries


Chemicals, paper, glass, steel and other metals – our region not only has plenty of room for new companies, it also offers opportunities for energy-intensive industries and processes. The path to decarbonisation starts here. Because we have the potential for innovative industrial concepts needed to optimise H2 production and utilisation. The ENERGY HUB is expanding!

About us



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