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Energy Hub and Jade-Weser Region


Smart people, a strong industry and unique geographical conditions: the Jade-Weser region has tremendous potential to become a European hydrogen hot spot. We want to be more than just an ENERGY HUB: we want to be a centre of expertise. And a power station for the entire country. We want to identify synergy effects instead of increasing greenhouse effects – strengthening the region sustainably as we do so.

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Unique energy expertise

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Willingness to cooperate among all companies involved

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Solidarity between politics, business and the scientific community

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Member Companies

Identifying potential to create opportunities that add value, here in Wilhelmshaven and in the region: that is the ENERGY HUB’s mission. A strong network in which every member is absolutely committed to the energy transition.

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‘The ENERGY HUB is pure energy expertise. We are ready for the next chapter: renewable energy.’

Uwe Oppitz, Rhenus Ports and ENERGY HUB spokesperson

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Let’s get started

A project volume of €5 billion is available for the first phase until 2031, which we can use to advance central components of the energy transition together. For example to convert underground caverns for use as interim storage facilities for hydrogen to guarantee a reliable energy supply. To expand and modify pipelines to create a European H2 grid. And to research methods to convert green molecules and produce hydrogen right here in our region.

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We are the motor.

The region around Wilhelmshaven has always fuelled the German energy sector. And now, at the ENERGY HUB, we are its motor: ours is the only location with a deep water port – connected to an infrastructure designed to transport power. Ours is the only location with an unparalleled high density of underground hydrogen storage capacities. And ours is the only location that offers the unique opportunity of connecting energy-intensive industries straight to the source.

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Skilled labour


Do you know who will define our region in future? Young people. As part of a generation that questions given matters. Reflects itself unflinchingly. And has committed itself to unwavering values. People who believe in green technologies, who demand their continuous development – and want to help shape it. Because they’re the ones who will still be living on this planet in 60 or 70 years.

They will become the skilled labour our region so urgently needs. Let’s make it easier for them – let’s welcome them! As an attractive, family-friendly region with a diverse culture. As a modern region with an innovative housing and mobility concept. As a green region in motion. As a region to say ‘yes’ to.

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